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We are a service and consulting group of companies built as a Center of Excellence, with presence in South-East Asia and Europe.

We serve investors and/or MNC groups looking for avenues to penetrate markets in the South-East Asian region and, assist local companies in creating and implementing solutions for their sustainable growth and long-term development.

Our clients include multinational companies and global leaders in industries, such as Commercial and Investment Banking, Construction, Environmental Services, Insurance, Industrial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Media & Entertainment.

As a Consulting and Services firm, we strongly believe that one of the principal elements to our success in servicing our clients, is the numerous and diverse relationships that we have built and maintain in different industries and across Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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Office: L17-11 Vincom Center

72 Lê Thánh Tôn - Quận 1  TP.HCM


Phone: +84 93 8441269

WhatsApp: +84 93 8441269 

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